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Some changes on the way!

I love Bubble and I plan to make a few changes in the next week or so. Here is a run down.

1. I have purchased an SSL Certificate that will add more protection to applications. Yes this is a FREE hosting website, but I still want to make it the best I can, because sites are important to people and they are to me too.

2. A new layout is currently being planned and designed. Hopefully it will make things easier and be a bit of eyecandy for visitors.

3. Forum is coming. Forums are a great way to share the community spirit and ask for help when you need it and tell others how you feel and what changes you would like. I think it's about time.

I also have a number of other ideas I am throwing around that I might add to the site, these include; Monthly contests, featured websites, staff (duties like checking websites and various other things), Downloads (Layouts and tutorials possible), Affiliates, Blog, better help section and a referral system. Let me know your thoughts.

I also plan to have the name servers changed to reflect on Bubble.nu rather then my host, Surpass Hosting so it is not as confusing. I am not 100% sure how this will work on my reseller I have with them. But I will keep everyone in the loop. Especially those that have registered domains themselves and would need to update the DNS. (Free contest winners wouldn't have to worry, I would change all Name Servers in my account).

Lastly, I had thought about registering domains on behalf of other people. It was requested and I know it can be a pain to register a domain and then mess around with DNS if you are not familiar with it, or just don't want to 'deal' with that side of it. For me personally I enjoy it. The geeky me gets excited. However, I am not sure.

Let me know what YOU think!

Follow On Twitter

Bubble now has a twitter account where you can also follow us for updates and special bits of news! :D



Competition Is Drawn! Weeee

The domain competition at Bubble.nu has been drawn. Thank you very much to all 204 entrants! An amazing number and I am happy to give away five domains with hosting. *boogies* I am sorry to those who do not win. Don't worry, I am sure you will get a domain in the future or will be able to enter in the next competitions!

Problems? Let me know

The server was recently upgraded and there have been a few bugs reported to me of script errors. If you find any kind of error please let me know about it so I can have the issue resolved. It may be a case of simply having to get my host to add settings to the server that had been reset when the server was restarted after the upgrade.

Edit: My host said they have resolved this problem, but if you are still having troubles PLEASE let me know! Otherwise I don't know anything is wrong.

Host Downtime on April 22nd 2009

My host will be upgrading the server I am hosted under on April 22nd 2009 and has said: "This maintenance will occur between 12:00am EST and 04:00am EST and the estimated downtime is between 20-40 minutes." Hopefully there should be no problems and everything will run smoothly. :)

Bubble On Hiatus

Bubble will be on a hiatus for a little while. I love running Bubble and providing hosting for free and I do not plan to close it down and run off into the night. Bubble has really grown compared to how I imagined it, and at the moment there have been many events in my world that I need to pay a little more attention to. I started off with an application a week, now I receive many a day. So for a single soul, I am sure you can understand it can become quite overwhelming.

I am still here for those I host, so if you need help please contact me!

This is not a money issue! Purely one of time and trying to organise everything in it's proper place. This is NOT goodbye, I believe a hiatus will be just what is needed! :)


New Rule: Subdomain Name Changes

I love providing free hosting to everyone here at Bubble, but I feel I must bring a new rule into place. It's nothing tricky, or hopefully too painful.

1. If you are hosted on a subdomain you will no longer be able to change your subdomain name.
- this includes changing the domain it is hosted under as well.

2. If you have brought a domain, you CAN request for your account to be changed, as that is fine.

Changing a name is not as easy as just making changes within my reseller account (I wish it was an available option and should things change I might change this rule again). As I have to create a whole new account then files have to be restored, etc.

Win Domains @ NameCheap!

My favourite domain register NameCheap is running a competition to win domains, which is awesome! You should really enter if you're interested and I am happy to host any winning domains (or you can add them as add-ons in your current account).

Pending Applications

I have a number of pending applications, and I apologise that these have not yet been processed. I shall certainly do this when I have a free moment, as I have been a tad busy at this current time.

I also plan on doing a 'trouble check' if you will of all the current hostees to make sure they have active sites and are linking back. :) That will happen later this month when I can also find some time. Or if anyone is interested to help out, maybe a bit sooner.

As always, if you have any problems please let me know.

Words of Love, aww!

It has been pit street with emails at the moment, so I apologise if I have been a bit slow getting back to you, I promise that I will get there! I have a few little bits of news that you might find interesting. :)

I received some lovely testimonials that I feel deserve a mention. It's always lovely to know that people like what I am doing and are willing to take the time and give me their words and thoughts.

Sarah of luminara.bubble.nu said:
Kya is a wonderful person and host! She provides such an amazing hosting service - in fact her hosting is just about all you could ask for! Kya is so kind and helpful and a very reliable host. She always takes that extra step to make sure you feel special, informed, part of the family, and altogether comfortable with your hosting needs. Kya has been an unmeasurable amount of help to me and the best host I've ever had! I highly recommend her hosting services!

Jef of cosmic.skyness.org said:
Kya the most is the most wonderful host a person could have and ask for! I love you Kya!

Shannon of free-minds.wishless.org said:
Kya is one of the best hosts you can ever find. I didn't have a clue about FTP or cPanel before, and she helped me through it all. Thanks to Kya, I now have more sense of webdesign. Whenever your in need of help, you can just email her and she will get back as soon as she can. She makes it look so easy! So if your looking for a good host, pick Kya!!!!!!

Annalise of annalise.spookish.net said:
Kya is a great host, and she gives lots of space. Also, it's all free! There are many cool subdomains to be hosted under. I had a hard time choosing one because I loved almost all of them. On past hosts, I've had the server crash and it can be really annoying. However, with bubble.nu that has never happened. Kya is by far the best host I've ever had. Anyone looking for a host should choose Kya! =)

Willow of sunday-eyes.net said:
Kya has been my host for a couple of years now and I can honestly say I've never had a better host! She is always super friendly and sweet. I almost never have any problems with downtime or errors and when there is a problem she is always right on top of it doing her best to get it solved quickly! Her service is, in a word, amazing! :D

Thank you so much everyone, you are all made of super awesome win! :D

I hope everyone is doing well at the moment. It may take me a little time to get WHMCS into shape, but lets consider next month or Mayish to be a time it should be working. :) *crosses fingers*